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Integrating pulses into crop-livestock production systems to improve the productivity of smallholder farmers in the Ethiopian highlands

In 2012, Africa RISING funded an ‘early win’ project in Ethiopia led by the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA).

The project aims to improve the productivity of crop-livestock production system in the Bale highlands of Oromiya region of Ethiopia by integrating all important components of pulses in mixed farming systems.

The specific objectives are to:

  1. Identify and promote suitable high-yielding varieties adapted to various agro-ecological conditions in the Bale highlands of Oromia regions
  2. Develop and disseminate improved integrated crop management packages, including IPM, conservation technologies to increase production and farm income of crop-livestock production systems
  3. Develop seed production, storage and distribution systems to make small and marginal farmers self-reliant and self- sufficient in seed requirements
  4. Implement capacity development programs for different stakeholders

Download the project proposal / view all outputs of the project

Watch an interview with Geletu Bejiga introducing the project:

More ‘early win’ projects

The Africa RISING program comprises three linked research-for-development projects, funded by the USAID Feed the Future Initiative, and aiming to sustainably intensify mixed farming systems in West Africa (Southern Mali and Northern Ghana), the Ethiopian Highlands and East and Southern Africa (Tanzania, Zambia and Malawi).

To produce some short-term outputs and to support the longer term objectives of the projects, in 2012 Africa RISING funded several small, short-term projects in each of the regions. More information.

2 thoughts on “Integrating pulses into crop-livestock production systems to improve the productivity of smallholder farmers in the Ethiopian highlands

  1. Dr. Geletu,great job done. thank you for the posted information regarding our project” improving the rural and livelihoods of….., we will do more than what we have done so far. Finally I thanks all the Pulse and Oil crops research case team’s researchers of Sinana Agricultural research center, Bale Ethiopia.
    Tadele Tadesse Pulse and Oil crops Breeder at Sinana, Bale-Ethiopia.

    • Dear Tadele

      I am very gratful to you and all Sinana Agricutural Research Center’s team,EIAR pulse and seed teams,Farm Africa,Bale zonal adminstration and agriculture office,heads of administration of 5 districts and agricultural offices of the 5 districts who provide full support to realize the achivements. We thank USAID for providing financial support and and servres as adriving force to transform Ethiopian agriculture.

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