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Growing multi-purpose trees to address forage gaps in Ethiopia

The sixth issue of Forages for the Future newsletter features the Africa RISING project’s efforts in exploring new ways of integrating multi-purpose forages to increase the feed quantity and quality available for livestock in mixed crop-livestock farming systems in Ethiopia. Continue reading

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Africa RISING Ethiopia organized a training on apple and mango production in Tigray, Ethiopia

In the past few decades, apple farming in the Tigray highlands has expanded significantly since the introduction of apple trees to the region’s woredas by the Tigray regional Office of Agriculture and non-governmental organizations. The fruit trees were introduced to diversify the nutrition and income sources of the region’s smallholder farmers. Continue reading

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Beyond adoption – fruit farmers in Ethiopia are innovating with their Africa RISING technologies

The Africa RISING project in Ethiopia has been promoting improved high-value fruit trees, such as improved avocado and apple varieties. Take up has been good, but is constrained by technical issues as well as limited local seedling supplies. Farmers have adopted the new varieties; some are also innovating themselves to address some of the challenges they encountered. Continue reading

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Intensifying with high value trees in Africa RISING Ethiopia – some reflections from the first phase

As I write this piece to share the progress of high value trees research protocol, several circumstances, mostly the first Africa RISING project inception meeting in 2012, crosses my mind. I joined the meeting representing my organization, the World Agroforestry Center (ICRAF). I was delighted because the theme was on sustainable intensification where trees could play a central role. Continue reading

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Barking up the right tree: Multipurpose trees help Tanzania smallholders build a resilient farming system

Tanzania’s smallholder farmers in erosion battered districts of Kongwa and Kiteto are reclaiming their land and in the process building a resilient farming system through agro-forestry interventions introduced courtesy of the Africa RISING project. Continue reading

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A tale of two villages – how agroforestry transforms lives and landscapes in Ethiopia

Agroforestry can transform lives and landscapes. Trees and shrubs grown on farms provide fruit, timber, resins, fuelwood and livestock fodder. They also improve soil fertility, regulate water supplies and help farmers adapt to changing climatic conditions. Which begs the question: if agroforestry can bring so many benefits, why don’t we see lots of trees on … Continue reading

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ICRAF team visit Africa RISING sites to assess progress on the local knowledge field work

In July, an ICRAF team comprising Aster Gebrekirstos (ICRAF scientist), Kiros Hadgu (ICRAF Ethiopia Country Representative) and Anne Kuria (ICRAF researcher) visited Lemu Woreda which contains two of the eight Kebeles of the  Africa RISING project in the Ethiopian Highlands. The aim of the visit was to see progress on the local knowledge acquisition field … Continue reading

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Africa RISING early win project: Evergreen Agriculture to increase productivity and resilience of mixed farming systems in Tanzania and Malawi

Evergreen agriculture is a form of agroforestry that integrates trees with crops, maintaining a green cover on the land throughout the year.  It is one of the options to intensify agriculture to increase production and also provides environmental benefits including managing soil fertility and moisture. The early win project, ‘Evidence for Scaling-up Evergreen Agriculture to … Continue reading

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Ethiopian Highlands review and planning meeting: consultation, reflection and action!

The inception phase of Africa RISING is coming to an end on 30 September. All ‘jumpstart activities’ and ‘early win’ projects from this phase have to be completed, and the broad program is coming out of the ground. The first of the three projects to officially wrap up the inception phase and pave the way … Continue reading

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Integrating perennials with food crops could restore soil health and increase staple yields

Today’s edition of Naturehas an article by Jerry Glover, John Reganold and Cindy Cox in which they explain, with examples from Malawi harmer Rhoda Mang’yana, how planting perennials can help save Africa’s soils. Rhoda’s story: Rhoda Mang’yana’s half-hectare farm in Malawi produces more maize (corn) than her extended family of seven can eat. Some of … Continue reading

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Ethiopian platform on land and water management acts as sounding board of tree-crop-livestock intensification ‘early win’ project

The early win project ‘Sustainable tree-crop-livestock intensification as a pillar for the Ethiopian climate resilient green economy initiative‘ recently gained visibility and garnered useful feedback during a workshop hosted by a related network. The national platform on land and water management is a multi-stakeholder learning and sharing forum for all Ethiopian actors concerned with the … Continue reading

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Local knowledge training exercise: Unpacking tree-crop-livestock interactions in Tigray

From 11 to 22 June 2012, students from Mekelle University visited the field site of Abreha We Atsbeha in a semi-arid area of the Tigray Region, to unpack tree-crop-livestock interactions on farms within the field site, to assess drivers influencing incorporation of trees on farms and constraints and opportunities for increasing tree cover through agroforestry interventions. The ‘Sustainable tree-crop-livestock intensification as … Continue reading

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Africa RISING trainees to document local knowledge on trees and farms in Ethiopia

In June 2012, the ICRAF-led early win project on ‘Sustainable tree-crop-livestock intensification as a pillar for the Ethiopian climate resilient green economy initiative‘ will hold a training workshop on local knowledge acquisition. Part of the project’s ‘output 1’, the training will help ensure that local knowledge about the integration of trees in fields, farms and … Continue reading

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Sustainable tree-crop-livestock intensification as a pillar for the Ethiopian climate resilient green economy initiative

In 2012, Africa RISING funded an ‘early win’ project in Ethiopia led by the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF). The project aims to underpin the Ethiopian Climate Resilient Green Economy Initiative by providing early win tree species and management options for integrating fruit, fodder, fuelwood, fertilizer and timber trees in fields, farms and landscapes. This will … Continue reading