The Africa RISING Program Learning Event 2019 was held from 5–8 February in Malawi. The annual gathering of stakeholders has been held every year since 2013 (except in 2017) with the objective of synthesizing valuable lessons learnt in the previous year and harnessing them for improved project implementation in the subsequent year. 

This year’s event had three main themes: (i) sharing experiences in implementation of the Sustainable Intensification Assessment Framework, (ii) sharing experiences about the implementation of systems research for agriculture in practice, and (iii) gaining a common program-wide understanding of terminologies used within the Africa RISING program.  This year’s event was the first of a kind to combine a field visit and farmer interactions as a part of the overall agenda. In the past, the learning events have been typically held in a regular workshop format. This mixed format gave participants an opportunity to query, evaluate and learn practically in addition to the theoretical discussions done in the meeting room. 

This photo report captures some highlights of the four-day event. 

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