Communications and knowledge management

To support the delivery of program activities and outcomes, the program implements various communication, knowledge and information activities that will contribute to:

  1. Communicating for wider influence and impact – Engaging with and influencing wide audiences;
  2. Translating the program’s outputs into research, development and policy outcomes, getting
    knowledge into use;
  3. Knowledge sharing and learning – Enriching learning, interaction and exchange across the program;
  4. Publishing – Capturing and disseminating research products and outputs of the program;
  5. Internal communication – Linking and connecting project and program teams.

These activities are  undertaken across the program. Each regional project  has its own ‘local’communication elements built into its activities.

Specific products and platforms include:

The comms and KM team also commissions an annual photojournalism trip to a region (Ghana in 2013) and organizes an annual learning event across the projects.

Communication resources of the program – logo, brochures, banners, etc are available on the wiki

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