Posters and Presentations

Recent Submissions

The following are submissions made through the CGSpace platform, under Posters and Presentations in Africa RISING Community.

No. 9
Title Farming systems analysis in Africa RISING
Date 15 Feb, 2023
No. 38
Title Improved farming practices to improve lives
Date 29 Jan, 2023
No. 44
Title Dealing with diversity in Africa RISING research
Date 19 Aug, 2019
No. 45
Title Evaluation in Africa RISING
Date 15 Feb, 2023
No. 51
Title Project management monitoring tools
Date 15 Feb, 2023
No. 62
Title Options for intensifying vegetable production
Date 08 Dec, 2022
No. 76
Title Livestock: High yielding improved forages
Date 03 Aug, 2023
No. 91
Title Innovation systems and innovation platforms
Date 15 Feb, 2023
No. 94
Title Africa RISING evaluation design
Date 15 Feb, 2023
No. 97
Title Tropical forages in changing climate
Date 17 Sep, 2023
No. 100
Title Africa RISING systems research experiences
Date 05 Aug, 2023

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