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Africa RISING West Africa partners sift out ‘scalable’ technologies at review and planning meeting

Discussions at this year’s Africa RISING West Africa review and planning meeting served up serious dialogue among partners on which improved agricultural technologies that have been tested and refined over the past four years can be scaled to benefit more farmers beyond the current project sites. Animated discourse at the meeting, in Accra, Ghana from … Continue reading

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Africa RISING project partners review achievements and plans for East and Southern Africa

More than 50 scientists from various CGIAR Centres and National Research Systems converged in Mangochi, Malawi on 13–15 July for a review and planning meeting of the Africa RISING East and Southern Africa Project. Continue reading

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Cross-regional perspectives on Africa RISING: West African scientists on progress in East and Southern Africa

During the recent East and Southern Africa review and planning meeting, team members from Africa RISING in West Africa joined the discussions. We asked Asamoah Larbi (IITA Coordinator of Africa RISING for West Africa) and Tom van Mourik (team leader for Mali at ICRISAT) to reflect on the work done by the three site teams … Continue reading

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Africa RISING East and Southern Africa review and planning 2013 meeting: Integration drives agendas

Even in a program like Africa RISING, where Sustainable Intensification is at the heart of the approach, such key concepts should not be taken for granted. A recent conference about ‘sustainable intensification’ in Accra showed that there are widely different understandings about such complex approaches. The 2013 review and planning meeting of the East and … Continue reading

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Africa RISING year one in West Africa: Review over, planning done …

The third Africa RISING review and planning workshop took place 23-25 October in Tamale, Ghana. The review of that first year helped develop an agenda for subsequent years. For this meeting, 60 participants gathered at the Modern City Hotel to hear progress about activities in year one and to develop integrated research plans on sustainable intensification for … Continue reading

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Preparing for the Africa RISING West Africa review and planning meeting: Interview with Asamoah Larbi

Asamoah Larbi is chief scientist for the Guinea Savannah region of Africa RISING in West Africa. He attended the recent East and Southern Africa review and planning meeting and is now planning for the similar West Africa workshop taking place 19-23 October. Here Asamoah reflects on Africa RISING progress in his region, and particularly Ghana.  … Continue reading


Integration, cross-learning, synergies: Keywords for the next Africa RISING phase in East and Southern Africa

Irmgard Hoeschle-Zeledon, coordinator of the East and Southern Africa region for Africa RISING, answered some questions following the recently completed annual review and planning meeting for Africa RISING’s East and Southern Africa region and the wider program. She shared her keywords for the next phase and the focus is clearly on the whole project being … Continue reading