The Africa RISING program began in 2012 and has reached its mid-point – with several project external reviews in progress. Here’s a quick tour of the most popular resources we produced in 2014.
Website articles
The website is the public face for the program. Page views doubled, from 16,621 page views in 2013 to 37,512 in 2014, putting the tally of page views for the whole program duration to 64,526 views.
Here are the most viewed pages over the past year. If the posts were not actually written in 2014 their publishing date is also mentioned.

  1. Characterizing farming and livestock production systems in Ethiopia: Assessing the potential for Africa RISING (981 page views) – 2013
  2. Fertilizer rate recommendations for wheat-teff production systems in the Ethiopian highlands (300 page views) – 2012
  3. A tale of two villages – how agroforestry transforms lives and landscapes in Ethiopia (205 page views)
  4. Boosting the production of quality seeds of improved varieties of maize and legumes in Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia (179 page views) – 2012
  5. Theory key to gain wider acceptance of participatory agricultural research methods (179 page views)
  6. RISING voices: Aster Gebrekirstos (ICRAF) scientist for Africa RISING in Ethiopia (169 page views)
  7. Challenges and opportunities in participatory agricultural research (169 page views)
  8. Africa RISING reviews and plans its work in West Africa (167 page views)
  9. Africa RISING Ethiopia researchers trained on IFPRI project monitoring and mapping tool (160 page views)
  10. RISING voices: Carlo Azzarri, Monitoring and Evaluation coordinator (IFPRI) (148 page views)

Most popular outputs on CGSpace

All formal outputs (reports, documents, papers, articles, presentations, videos, posters etc.) of the program are published in a dedicated collection on the Open Access CGSpace platform. East and Southern Africa and West Africa feature much more prominently in this list of ‘top resources’ for 2014.

Item title File downloads  Item views Sum
Improved postharvest technologies for promoting food storage, processing, and household nutrition in Tanzania 2,301 221 2,522
Characterization of the livestock production systems and the potential of feed-based interventions for improving livestock productivity in Sinana district, Bale highlands, Ethiopia 862 501 1,363
Value chain analysis of beans in eastern and southern Africa: Building partnerships for impact through research on sustainable intensification of farming systems 786 219 1,005
Sustainable agricultural intensification and its role on the climate resilient green economy initiative in Ethiopia: Report of the 3rd national platform meeting on land and water management in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, 23−24 July 2012 765 380 1,145
Sustainable intensification of maize-legume-livestock integrated farming systems in Eastern and Southern Africa:Draft concept note 690 188 878
Characterization of the farming and livestock production systems and the potential for enhancing livestock productivity through improved feeding in Horro district, Ethiopia 592 410 1,002
Value chain analysis of sheep in Horro district of Oromia Region, Ethiopia 585 171 756
Annual Report of Africa RISING Project funded subprojects carried out by CSIR-Savanna Agricultural Research Institute (CSIR-SARI): Reporting Period, July–December 2012 571 222 793
Sustainable intensification of crop-livestock farming systems in the Guinea and Sudano Savanna zones of West Africa: Transforming African agriculture through sustainable intensification 564 258 822
Intensification of maize-legume based systems in the semi-arid areas of Tanzania (Kongwa and Kiteto districts) to increase farm productivity and improves farming natural resource base 533 216 749

The Africa RISING wiki also enjoyed a rise in use from 22,000 visitors (2012), 37,000 (2013) to 40,000 in 2014. Page views increased from 54,000 (2013) to 78,000  in 2014. Since the wiki is also intended to support multiple contributions from project staff, we are also encouraged by the 1,100 edits of the wiki (up from 600 in 2013).

We hope this new year will bring ever more interesting information to the public and more people to engage with this program and its various products and outputs.
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