The current phase of the Africa RISING project in the Ethiopian Highlands is being implemented over the five years from 2012-2016. To date, the project has implemented a number of activities in order to deliver against the Africa RISING Program Research Framework:
•    Formalised the research framework, aims and objectives and broad research approaches;
•    Conducted six ‘early win’ proejcts;
•    Selected sites and established site coordination and research teams;
•    Formed partnerships with regional research organisations, local universities and ministry of agriculture teams;
•    Strengthened capacities to support research needs;
•    Systems characterization and diagnosis;
•    Carried out value chain studies;
•    Prepared guiding work plans;
•    Established local innovation platforms and Farmer Research Groups;
•    On-farm action research activities from 2013.
These research for development (R4D) activities are now beginning to identify and validate scalable innovation for the project’s target farmers.
This document defines some of the elements that are likely to contribute to a successful ground-up scaling approach for the project and summarizes some of the initial candidates for this type of scaling during 2015.
Download the scaling plan


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