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Results from an indicative cost-benefit-analysis of  Africa RISING technologies in northern Ghana show that farmers are getting more economic returns from the project’s technologies.
For instance, the mean benefit-cost ratio (BCR) for the technologies is 4.2 indicating that the farmers earned three times more (300%), over and above their total expenditures when using technologies by Africa RISING.
The results also show that the mean returns to labour when a farmer adopts these technologies is GHC 49.1 (USD 12.4)/person day compared to the average daily wage rate of GHC 5.4 /per day in the project research zones. This means that Africa RISING technologies on average can generate a daily net return to labour nine times  greater than what a farmer can earn in a day if they are involved in casual work in the project intervention areas.
Crop diversification technologies, soil fertility management and pest management practices were some of the technology categories reviewed during the cost benefit analysis. It appears that crop diversification technologies are of higher returns than the other two categories.
Furthermore the analysis showed that profits are more sensitive to changes in output prices than to changes in input prices and wages. This implies that that the adoption of the technologies is most affected by policy interventions that affect output prices.

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