More than fifty percent (53.3 %) of scientists implementing research activities in the Africa RISING program indicate not to have sufficient access to gender analytical tools for their research. This is one of the results of the project’s recent gender capacity assessment. To bridge this gap, the project’s gender team has put together an annotated bibliography of gender learning resources that will ensure project partners can, at a glance, find information and links to selected open access documents addressing particular topics of interest for project partners on gender in agriculture.
“The contents of the recommended resources in this publication range from basic concepts for understanding gender in agriculture to standards for the collection of sex-disaggregated data, tools for gender analysis and participatory field work as well as approaches for increasing women’s participation in R4D activities. Specific themes such as gender in mapping, livestock and climate change research are also included,” explains Dr. Gundula Fischer, Africa RISING West Africa & East/Southern Africa projects’ gender specialist.
The annotated bibliography is an open access publication and can be downloaded at

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