In 2013 Africa RISING project in the Ethiopian highlands has identified seven thematic areas for implementation for the years 2014–2016. Vvalue chain development is one of the cross-cutting themes. As part of this cross–cutting component rapid value chain assessment studies were conducted in all the four regions covering six enterprises; three on crops and three on livestock.
The studies focused on the role and functioning of the agribusinesses involved in the purchase, processing and consumption of products generated by these value chains. The main aim of the assessment was to obtain a better understanding of these businesses and how they can play a role in expanding the volume of raw products produced, processed and sold.The selection of the enterprises was based on the preference of men, women and youth, enterprises with commercial orientation or importance and finally, enterprises that were well preferred across the project sites for ease of scalability and learning.
Download the reports:
Crop and livestock value chains in Sinana district, Ethiopia
Crop and livestock value chains in Lemo district, Ethiopia
Crop and livestock value chains in Endamehoni district, Ethiopia
Crop and livestock value chains in Basona Worena district, Ethiopia

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