In 2012, Africa RISING funded an ‘early win’ project in Morogoro, Tanzania led by the World Vegetable Center – AVRDC.
The projects aim  to be more productive/intensified and sustainable rice-vegetable production systems along with improved access for smallholder farmers to markets, leading to diversified and increased household income from vegetables and enhanced nutritional security from safer vegetables,  of particular importance to pregnant women and young children.
The outputs will be:

  • Baseline data on production and market constraints of vegetables as intercrop with rice or as sole cropping system and food safety analysis with vegetable supply chain actors.
  • Characterization of rice-vegetable based production sites and consumption patterns of representative rural and urban households in the target region.
  • On farm assessment of the incidence of pests and diseases for tomato and African eggplant.
  • Analysis of microbial, pesticide and heavy metal contamination of market and farm samples of tomato and African eggplant.
  • Stakeholder workshops to develop strategic partnerships,  evaluate results through participatory learning, action research and outcome mapping tools to refine intervention strategies

Download the project proposal / view all outputs of the project
More ‘early win’ projects

The Africa RISING program comprises three linked research-for-development projects, funded by the USAID Feed the Future Initiative, and aiming to sustainably intensify mixed farming systems in West Africa (Southern Mali and Northern Ghana), the Ethiopian Highlands and East and Southern Africa (Tanzania, Zambia and Malawi).
To produce some short-term outputs and to support the longer term objectives of the projects, in 2012 Africa RISING funded several small, short-term projects in each of the regions. More information.

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