Visitors striving to take the woman farmer photo with her fababean
Farmer with her faba bean (Credit: ILRI/Mohammed Ebrahim)

The Africa RISING Endamehoni site has been identified as one of the best practice site from Tigray region in Ethiopia. In a visit that was organized as part of the Tigray region farmers’ festival and experience exchange the team identified Africa RISING Endamehoni site as one of the best practice sites from Tigray region.
Participants of the visit included heads of regional office of Agriculture, Mekelle University, Tigray Agricultural Research Institute, Cascape and from other government sector. The team visited some improved feed trough demonstrations and Faba baen seed multiplication fields.
Habtamu Hagos (woreda Agri-office head), Tesfaye Hagos (TARI), Ftale Eyasu (model farmer) and the kebele chairman explained to the visitors the role of the improved feed troughs and shade to reduce feed wastage and to promote zero grazing. The group also visited faba bean seed multiplication and farmers’ fields and were amazed with the performance of improved varieties.
Two sided improved feed trough (Credit:ILRI/Mohammed Ebrahim)

Before the end of the visit Mr. Korros Bitew (the head of Tigray Agricultural office) said “he is very happy with what has been done on the ground and suggested the woreda office of agriculture to use such model activities to train farmers for scaling” he added that “Farmers believe when they see.”
The visit was a good opportunity for the Africa RISING project to share emerging best practices for scaling to the other woredas and zones in the region.
Story by Mohammed Ebrahim

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