Regardless of how well designed data collection instruments are, the quality of data collected through surveys depends ultimately on the data collection skills of the enumerators who conduct the interviews.
To prepare a household survey on sustainable intensification in Ethiopia, the project held a training workshop for  enumerators and supervisors on 2 and 3 April 2015.
The training basically sought to familiarize the enumerators with the objectives of the research, provide a general overview of the survey instruments, and equip them with knowledge and skills that will enhance their ability to collect good quality, consistent and reliable data. Throughout the training sessions, the facilitators underscored competence, professionalism, and commitment of the enumerators as the key ingredients to good quality data.
The workshop covered:

  • the general background, objectives and rationale for the Sustainable Intensification study
  • a review of the survey instrument
  • the roles, responsibilities and conduct of field enumerators and supervisors
  • a general overview of the study’s methodological approach, as well as key logistical aspects including reporting structure and research ethics

In line with our research objectives and the design of the study, five researchers and a field coordinator from each of the four Africa RISING sites were invited for the workshop. The sessions were quite interactive, with all participants encouraged to share their insights and thoughts on how best to improve both the survey design and the instruments.
By the end of the workshop, survey teams were established, as well as roles and responsibilities of individual members. The team was able to dissect all the elements of the questionnaire. The next step is to pilot-test the survey instrument in the field, in order to gauge the response rate as well as identify further areas of refinement before the final data collection.
Story by Vine Mutyasira

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