Annet and Wellington discussing with their data analyst
Writeshop participants review and discuss data for an article (photo credit: ILRI\Apollo Habtamu).

The Africa RISING project in the Ethiopian highlands recently organized a writeshop (4-7 August 2015) to help researchers document results and findings for wider application. Twenty four people joined from various centres and partners.
The writeshop followed the following key principles:

  1. We will produce a series of products
  2. Each product has a leader; each of us can ‘lead’ one product
  3. Each product has contributors; each of us can contribute to several products
  4. Product teams self-organize; call on any help as needed
  5. Help in the room: scientific, communications, editing, writing
  6. Everyone has a role and contributions

The results were impressive. The researchers had blocked their time and stayed throughout the four day meeting – helping each other, offering feedback, and working on data and, importantly, various products emerged. High quality drafts of nine briefs documenting evidence and results were developed and two journal articles reached a ‘final’ stage (they are now scheduled for review). Good progress was also made on a further nine journal articles.
Read details of the process and the products on our wiki.

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