Kindu Mekonnen during his field visit to see Sweet lupin (food- feed) seed multiplication
Kindu Mekonnen visiting a sweet lupin seed multiplication site (credit: ILRI\Mohammed Ebrahim)

The first phase (2012-2016), the Africa RISING program focused more on innovations/technologies validation through action research approaches. In its second phase (Oct 2017–2021) the program is mainly focusing on backstopping research to facilitate development partnership and scaling initiatives. The Ethiopian highlands project has started implementing interlinked interventions in the first year of the second phase. Some of the ongoing activities include:

Feeding oat-vetch mixtures
A farmer feeding oat-vetch mixtures to his sheep that he harvested from demonsration plots in Higum Birda kebele in Ofla woreda of southern Tigray (credit:ILRI\ Kindu Mekonnen).

The Ethiopian highlands project is planning to compile data/information from the research for development (R4D) work and scaling activities, sort out challenges and synthesize lessons, and develop plans for the second year of phase two to benefit more farmers at a wider scale.
Link to the field photo report : https://www.slideshare.net/africa-rising/photoreport-tigray-oct2017
Written by Kindu Mekonnen

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