field work participants
The team pre-test the questionnaire (image credit: ILRI)

Africa RISING in the Ethiopian highlands in partnership with the International Potato Center (CIP) has been carrying out an on-farm research demonstration in all the eight Kebeles where the project is working. The purpose of this on-farm research is to demonstrate improved crops with improved management practices, and to document lessons and challenges for future consideration. Three different crop types (wheat, faba bean and potato) with three improved varieties of each  and improved agronomic practices (row planting, fertilizer and pesticide application) are under on-farm demonstration and evaluation.
To document baseline data from the farmers, the project is using the IMPACT-lite survey tool. It provides a unifying framework to collect detailed information on farm resources, farm management strategies, farm productivity and household economics at the household level.
Enumerators were trained in the tool in late August. The training covered introduction and evaluation of IMPACTlite survey tool, pre-testing the tool with five farm households in Goshe Bado Africa RISING kebele of Basona Worena woreda in north Shewa. Evaluation of the tool and pre-testing helped the enumerators to familiarize and customize the tool to the Ethiopian context. After the training, the final updated version of the IMPACTlite survey tool will be implemented on the on-farm research participating farmers’ of the eight Africa RISING kebeles.
Interview  on progress
Pre-testing exercise in Goshe Bado kebele (image credit: ILRI/Simret Yasabu)

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