Gender significantly influences their day-to-day work—this is what 60% of Africa RISING’s project partners in West, East and Southern Africa indicated in a recent gender capacity assessment. Similarly, in a focus group discussion, members of the project coordination teams said they are strongly commitment to gender equality and a need to do more.
These results are good news for the project as it works towards improving the livelihoods of female smallholders and their children. But this goal will be achieved only if partners have well-developed gender capacities.
In 2015, the IITA-led Africa RISING projects conducted a gender capacity assessment to focus on the importance of gender capacities for the project’s success. The report provides an outline for a capacity development plan that the project team will use to prioritize areas for increased efforts and set a baseline against which continuous capacity building in the project is measured.
Read the full report http://hdl.handle.net/10568/72524
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