Certificates awarded to the two winning Africa RISING posters at a ‘partnerships for development week’ in Nigeria in November 2016.

Two posters on scaling techniques applied by the Africa RISING project in Tanzania were recently ranked 2nd and 3rd at a hotly contested poster competition featuring over 50 entries during the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) partnership for development (P4D) week on 20–25 November 2016 in Ibadan, Nigeria.
The two posters ‘Geographic information system (GIS) generated recommendations for scaling crop varieties in Tanzania‘ and ‘Taking agricultural technologies to scale‘ were presented by Africa RISING scientists Francis Kamau, a GIS specialist, and Haroon Sseguya, a technology scaling specialist.
They were ranked highly for demonstrating ‘innovative approaches on scaling and partnerships that ensure agricultural technologies developed through research are delivered at scale to address the most pressing challenges facing smallholder farmers in Africa.
The partnership for development (P4D) week is IITA’s premier biennial event attended by over 200 scientists who deliberate and share experiences about global trends and approaches for effective partnerships and scaling models that have the greatest potential   to show, or are already showing, how agricultural technologies that are developed from research can get into the hands of millions of smallholder farmers in Africa.
Download the two posters:


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