Bedilu Desta during practical training
Bedilu Desta , familiarizing himself with the two wheel tractor (Photo Credit: CIMMYT/Frédéric Baudron )

From 1-5 June, farmers from different Africa RISING sites were trained in using small two-wheel multi-purpose tractors as part of an Africa RISING project led by CIMMYT.
Bedilu Desta is a farmer from Gudo Beret in Amhara. He was selected by his innovation platform to join the small scale mechanization training in Addis Ababa.
He lives with his father and other members of the family producing barley, wheat, beans and sesame on their four hectares of land. They consume most of what they produce.
They also have 17 cattle, 34 sheep, 17 goats and 6 horses. However, this number is decreasing because they sell cattle when they need money. If production from their farm was higher, he says , they wouldn’t have been pushed to sell their animals.
With five other service providers, he received training on how to operate and maintain the tractor. The good thing about the tractor, he says, is that in addition to ploughing they can be used for seeding, pumping water, threshing wheat, and to transport loads.
He says the two wheel tractor will help him save time and energy as it ploughs twice a fast as the traditional system using oxen. In addition, it does seeding and applies fertilizer at the same time. This will help in getting the right proportion of fertilizer for the different seeds and crop types.

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Dear sir a m a small farmer from Tanzania seeking for a grant of a free tractor to improve my life situation via rice production in my country
Simret Yasabu
January 4, 2017, 4:09 pm
Dear Ibrahim , thanks a lot for reading our article and showing interest to be part of this work. The story talks about the project intervention in Ethiopia with a limited number of farmers under our focus sites. Thus , we are not the right project to respond to your query . However we have Africa RISING project in Tanzania . So I suggest you look in to one of the stories from Tanzania on our website and get in touch with the team in Tanzania .
I would like to buy the tractor. How much is it and where can I buy it? I am in Zimbabwe.
selofera mooketsi
October 5, 2018, 2:14 pm
greetings , I am in Botswana I would love to kindly ask you to assist me as I am doing research on this equipment and how it is doing in African continent more especially Botswana because currently we still using traditional methods like use of donkeys . can you kindly send all the nessecary information bout this equipment eg how it works? whre to get proper suppliers ? etc
Is two wheel tractor better than 4 wheel tractor?
No! 4WD is more effective than 2WD.
I think this Tractor is Too small. We can say this one is Handy Tractor.

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