A two week value chain report validation workshop is underway at the ILRI campu in Addis Ababa. The workshop is jointly organized by CIAT and the Africa RISING project in Ethiopia. It aims to validate and finalize the value chain studies that were conducted earlier this year. This exercise which runs between 29th September and 10th October 2014 contributes to supporting the Africa RISING project innovation platforms using market linkages as one of the major entry points. Participants include the Ethiopian agricultural research institute’s regional researchers from the four sites as well the Africa RISING project site coordinators.

Participants at Africa RISING value chain report validation workshop
Africa RISING value chain report validation workshop . Photo credit (ILRI/Apollo Habtamu)

Working together with these teams are researchers from CIAT, ILRI and CIP that are supporting the value chain research activities in the Africa RISING Ethiopia project. During the two weeks, the teams will systematically review the survey results, validate all the results of the survey, and discuss the interventions that will be coming out of these results. Each week, 2 project sites are meeting, half of the time reviewing crop enterprises as well as associated and input businesses. Running in parallel sessions are discussions on livestock enterprises and their associated services.
The main output of this exercise is a finalized value chain report for each of the four project sites. The four site reports will thereafter be synthesized into one report prepared, containing crop and livestock value chains. The target is to complete the site reports before the end of October.

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