The Africa RISING East and Southern Africa (ESA) project management team led by the project manager, Irmgard Hoeschle-Zeledon, the ESA project chief scientist, Mateete Bekunda and implementing partners recently visited project sites in Chipata District of Zambia. The goal of the two-day visit was to review the progress of activities and to assess how technologies were being used by farmers. Additionally, the 2017/18 cropping season was also in principle a season which had been earmarked by partners as one for ‘closing’ existing research information gaps for all the technology options offered to farmers to ensure that all relevant information required for effective scaling in future was available. The management team interacted with farmers and got first-hand feedback about how they were using each of the technologies and improved practices put forward by the project. This photo report highlights what the team found. Click on the image or link below to read and learn more.

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