Based on a new, locally available feed, less wastage, and better veterinary care, the feed and health package improves farmers’ food security and incomes by increasing livestock productivity.

This four-page brief, prepared by Augustine Ayantunde of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Sadat Salifu and Solomon Konlan of Ghana’s Council for Scientific and Industrial Research-Animal Research Institute (CSIR-ARI), and Théophile Dembélé of Mali’s Association Malienne d’Eveil au Developpement Durable (AMEDD), is part of Africa RISING’s series of information briefs (#BRIEFOCUS). It summarizes key facts about the benefits of a bundled feed and health package for improving small ruminant production. It is based on Africa RISING experiences of validating the technology with farmers in northern Ghana and southern Mali over the past seven years. Inspired by the medicine labels you will typically find enclosed in over-the-counter medicine dispensed at pharmacies around the world, this brief gives just the right dosage of information needed to enhance the productivity of your sheep and goats!


PDF copy? You can download it here: https://hdl.handle.net/10568/112912


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