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This poster shows how the Sustainable Intensification Assessment Framework can be used for gender analysis in the context of the Africa RISING project. The framework consists of five domains: productivity, profitability, environment, human and social. One of the foci of the social domain is gender equity.
For the assessment of a technology or technology package, indicators are chosen from each domain and measured. This supports a holistic evaluation, the establishment of linkages and the comparison of results. The assessment requires interdisciplinary cooperation.
For the application of the framework for gender analysis the following suggestions are made: gender analysis questions should be integrated into each domain in order to combine biophysical and social science results. This will strengthen interdisciplinary cooperation. In addition to surveys, data should be collected through qualitative and participatory methods. Qualitative findings will help to address why-questions and provide opportunities for triangulation.
The lower part of the poster gives an example of how gender analysis questions are integrated into the five domains. The example is from a study of the use forage chopper machines in Tanzania.
More information on the SI framework

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